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Pearl Portline, established in Singapore, and in Mumbai, is the youngest of the Portfolio companies of Pearl Group – which has been in shipping allied activities for over 26 years, employs over 4,000 people and has handled over 5 million TEUs. Continuing the tradition of the parent company, Pearl Portline focuses on providing exceptional quality service to all our clients, with cutting edge technology and super competitive prices.

Already having a strong presence in CFS/Warehouse/ICD management, and in handling of project cargo, Pearl Group decided to foray into NVOCC. Towards this end, we have acquired 300 dry 20’ boxes, and the intent is to expand our fleet of containers to 1,000 by the end of 2020. We are also actively looking to expand into Reefers and Flat Racks. We currently service customers across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

26 Years of shipping allied activities

Employs over 4,000 people

Handled over 5 million TEUs

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Our Services

Ocean Freight (FCL)

Ocean Freight (FCL)

With a network of our own offices at multiple locations in India, and overseas, as well as by tying up with various agencies globally, we provide specialized and comprehensive Ocean Freight Services for full container loads (FCL). We offer wide range of containers which includes 20’ and 40’ dry boxes, Flat Racks, Open Tops to meet different needs. We offer containers at your convenience to stuff the cargo at your Factory/CFS/Warehouse/ICD. All our containers undergo strict periodic inspection checks to ensure they comply with international norms, providing you with complete safety for your cargo.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

No matter how small or huge the project is, we deliver your freight to its designated destination without any hassles and on time with low cost. We are fully prepared to provide exceptional and quick national and international logistics solutions to any industry throughout the country with attractive pricing from major international sea transport carriers. Our tie-ups with multiple international liners ensures that we are able to provide ready inventory at various ports at competitive prices.

Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Leveraging on the strengths of our parent company, we have a dedicated logistics team that provides end to end solutions for warehousing, stuffing/destuffing, cargo handling, inland transportation, survey, insurance support and all other allied logistics activities.

We provide low cost space, well trained staff, inventory control system, distribution solutions as per your bespoke needs. We also provide short and long term warehouse, storage, transportation, assembly and repacking solutions.

Granite & Quartz Exports

Granite & Quartz Exports

We have staff with decades of deep expertise in Granite and Quartz sourcing in India, and exporting the best and highest quality Granite and Quartz globally, at competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we ensure that you always get the right type of stone for your needs. We are specialised in global supply of Granite and Quartz, and flooring and wall tiles. To view our range of offerings.

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Container Trading

Container Trading

We buy and sell a variety of used containers – such as Dry containers (20’ and 40’), Reefers, Flat Racks, Open Tops and any other specialised equipment.

We also assist Container Operators and Leasing Companies to move their containers from surplus locations to deficit locations.

Container Modifications

Container Modifications

We provide containers modified as per your requirements, for various purposes – such as to be used as office cabins, storage units, homes, retail outlets, cafes and shops. These marine shipping containers are made from high strength non corrosive materials, and so prove to be a sturdy structure for all weather usage with almost no maintenance requirements. We ensure all containers that we provide undergo a through survey, and are certified for the end use.

Our Strengths

Deep Experience

Parent group has 26+ years of experience, 5+ million TEUs handled, ~4,000 employees and over 15 CFSs

Widespread Reach

Tie ups with over 60 agents across 18 countries gives us a strong network for cargo movement

Focus on Quality and Safety

All our containers undergo periodic certified third party quality surveys to ensure they are safe and secure for your cargo

100% Compliance

Complete Compliance with all National and International Government Laws, Acts, Certifications and Licenses

Cost Optimisation

Strong Relationships with multiple international liners and agents enables us to provide the best costs

Unparalleled Service

Our team is available 24x7 to ensure any and all requirements are met

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